Writer Daniel Kibblesmith and artist Derek Charm’s Valiant High, the team’s fun and engaging take on Valiant’s heroes as teens, has made the jump from ComiXology to print! We’re very excited to give you an exclusive preview of June’s issue #2 of the series, following fan favorites such as Faith, Ninjak, and Quantum and Woody attempting to navigate something more fearsome than villainous foes or Earth’s impending doom: high school.

VALIANT HIGH #2 cover by David LaFuente

VALIANT HIGH #2 variant cover by Dan Parent

VALIANT HIGH #2 page 1

VALIANT HIGH #2 page 2

VALIANT HIGH #2 page 3

VALIANT HIGH #2 page 4

Valiant High #2, written by Daniel Kibblesmith with Derek Charm on art, goes on sale Wednesday, June 6th, from Valiant.

From the official issue description:

Class is in session as Valiant’s all-ages escapade escalates!

As Valiant Universe’s best and brightest young minds know all too well, Valiant High isn’t your average everyday high school… It’s the kind of place where dodgeball is a literal blood sport and trying to find a date to homecoming can be just as stressful as saving the world! But deep within the hero-filled halls of this otherwise prestigious institute, Principal Harada is hiding a mysterious secret…and Valiant High’s newest foreign exchange student, Colin “Ninjak” King, is ready to seek out the truth – once he’s done giving omega-level nerd Peter Stanchek a cool-kid makeover first, of course!

Get ready for second period as rising star Daniel Kibblesmith (QUANTUM AND WOODY!, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert) and Eisner Award-winning artist Derek Charm (Jughead) detail another hysterical day in the life of the world’s most talented teenagers, in an incredible all-ages adventure set outside of Valiant’s standard superhero continuity!

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