Cable and the heroic mutant group known as X-Force has a long publication history at Marvel and yet writer Ed Brisson and the whole creative team on the new X-Force title manage to breathe new life into the concept issue after issue, turning what we think we know about the mutants on its head. And in our exclusive preview of X-Force #6–on sale this Wednesday–we see that ingenuity in how Brisson breathes new life into Cable’s nemesis Stryfe and Stryfe’s minions for readers new and old.

X-FORCE #6 cover

XFORCE #6 page 1

XFORCE #6 page 2

XFORCE #6 page 3

XFORCE #6 page 4

XFORCE #6 page 5

From the official issue description:

Kid Cable wasn’t the only one who’d come back from the future…!