Listen, it’s April Fools and while we must take most stories today with a grain of salt, one Tweet has my blood boiling. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Creative Director, Dean Evans, tweeted this late last night:

Up there  is a pic for the Blood Dragon aforementioned LP along with a blurry shot of what appears to be Blood Dragon 3: Vietnam 2 on the monitor behind Mr. Evans.

Jumping straight to number 3 in the Blood Dragon series seems just like the dumb and over-the-top thing to do for a stand alone DLC that started out as a jokey 80’s action movie throwback. While fuzzy Sasquatch-ian footage is hardly proof, Blood Dragon :got it” in a way that other games don’t. Whether Ubisoft will  take another risk for a stand alone DLC for Far Cry 3/4 is anyone’s guess but we’re big fans of Blood Dragon over here and we’ve got our fingers crossed in hopes for a sequel. Doubly so if they can get Michael Biehn to return.