The freight train of first person horror games isn’t slowing down anytime soon — which is great news if you’re a huge fan of big frights. Next in line is a smaller title called Grave currently in the process of being Kickstarted. What makes Grave kinda neat is that it’s aiming to get on the XBox One along with PC, Mac, and Linux systems. This is good news for horror fans with only an Xbox as the scare offering are next to nil.

Grave‘s gameplay looks to be what you’d expect from most of these types of games — frantically running around in the dark searching for anything that’ll produce light. What makes Grave unique, though, is the element of a day/night cycle. During the day, buildings and other structures are procedurally generated in a surreal, desert environment. And it changes and grows each new day; even though it takes place in the desert other environments may emerge like an oasis or farm if the game feels like creating it.

Night time brings frights and scares and all manner of terrible, scurrying creatures. Taking a cue from Alan Wake, light acts as a weapon, obliterating the creepy nasties in a bright explosion. It might not always be simple as aiming a flashlight, instead you’ll have to find various items to set up a trap your enemies. Grave certainly provides the player a little more suitability than other games in this genre.

The narrative follows a mysterious world to explore as the devs promise more than jump scares. Puzzles and clues happened upon drive will drive you to discover the meaning behind what’s happening as the game throws everything it has to keep you guessing and quaking in your boots. All in all, Grave looks to be shaping up for a decent horror game. Looking to launch sometime in 2015, it’s still down about 20K on Kickstarter. So if this looks to be something you’d like, you might want to toss a few bucks their way.