AHOY Comics celebrates its five-year anniversary in 2023 and the publisher is going all-out to commemorate this momentous occasion. First up is a bevy of new titles premiering this fall, including the anthology series Project: Cyptid from the talents of such creators as Paul CornellGene HaMark RussellSteve BryantAlisa KwitneyAlex SeguraRichard Pace, and many more! Further, AHOY will run a multi-part serial through these new books titled The All-Star Annually Convening Cozy Detectives Club in Partially Naked Came the Corpse! Writer Grant Morrison will kickoff the tale, with other phenomenal creators contributing their own compelling chapters to the 13-part yarn.

PROJECT: CRYPTID #1 cover by Taki Soma

PROJECT: CRYPTID #1 cover by Rob Steen

And you said you want more The Wrong Earth? AHOY has you covered with The Wrong Earth: We Can Be Heroes! (We love The Wrong Earth!) More Captain Ginger, you say?  Strap in for Captain Ginger: The Last Feeder! (And make sure to check out our past Captain Ginger coverage!) Fans of AHOY are in for treats galore this autumn. Check out the official press release for all of the details!

In addition to top-quality story and art, AHOY Comics has become known for the short prose extras that run in the back of every title. Now, as part of the publisher’s gala fifth anniversary, a baker’s dozen of the comics industry’s finest prose writers have combined to craft an epic serial that will run through the AHOY line this fall.


…is a thirteen-part epic that kicks off with an extra-long first installment by the bestselling writer Grant Morrison, whose many award-winning comics works include JLA, New X-Men, and Green Lantern, and whose first novel Luda was published last year to great acclaim. The serial will debut in PROJECT CRYPTID #1, the first of AHOY’s new fall titles.

Over the following three months, PARTIALLY NAKED CAME THE CORPSE! will weave in and out of all AHOY’s regular titles, plus the fifth anniversary specials THE WRONG EARTH: WE CAN BE HEROES #1-2 and new title DEADWEIGHTS #1. Finally, in late November, PARTIALLY NAKED CAME THE CORPSE! will conclude with a bang in the CAPTAIN GINGER: THE LAST FEEDER #1, the first of another two-part anniversary series.

Writers include recent award-winners Mark Russell (SECOND COMING) and Alex Segura (Secret Identity), Marvel writer Torunn Grønbekk (Thor), plus a murderer’s row of AHOY stars: Bryce Ingman, Carol Lay, Carrie Harris, Hanna Bahedry, Audrey Ryer, Kirk Vanderbeek, Lisa Jonte, Stuart Moore, and Kek-w. Illustrator Jon Proctor’s mind-blowing artwork will adorn each installment.

“Crucial note: We refer to this as an anniversary, not a birthday, because we do not wish to be spanked,” said editor-in-chief Tom Peyer. “Don’t make us repeat that!”

The first installment of the epic prose serial PARTIALLY NAKED CAME THE CORPSE! will appear in PROJECT: CRYPTID #1, which will be available in stores on September 6, 2022.