Comic creator Tony Parker is one of the best in the business, wowing readers with credits ranging from the wild trip that is Dark Horse Comics’ This Damned Band to comic book adaptation of the God of War series. And this fall, Mr. Parker is revisiting myth and legend with his new spin on the most famous Gorgon of Greek mythology, the multilayered legend known as Medusa! Mr. Parker will team with colorist Tamra Bonvillain for this Dark Horse Comics project and, from the sound of the press release Dark Horse just dropped, we’ve never seen Medusa’s story told quite like this:

Dark Horse Books presents Medusa, a new graphic novel that twists the original Greek myth into an action-packed story. Eisner Award-nominated artist Tony Parker (This Damned Band, God of War Volume 2: Fallen God) will write and illustrate the paperback graphic novel with Tamra Bonvillain joining the project as colorist. Medusa TPB will arrive in October 2024.

Everything you know about Medusa is a lie. Forever cursed to be remembered as a monster, this ageless yet very mortal hero has spent millennia saving humanity from the horrors of legend. But now, in Scotland, she has met a foe that makes even the gods hide in fear. Armed with unwavering resolve, will the mighty Medusa be able to save mankind one last time?



Medusa, Parker, and Bonvillain? We’re in. The Medusa paperback goes on sale in bookstores and comic shops this October.