Just this week, Rocketship Entertainment, the publisher that for the past several years has worked to bring webcomics to the printed page, launched a new Kickstarter for pre-ordering Go Beezerk! from the minds of Shane Campos and Mike Federali. Go Beezerk! will be published by Rocketship through its imprint Bottlerocket, which focuses on books for its young adult readers. The comic follows the tales of the would-be superhero Beezerk, her brother Medbot, and best friend Tetra, as they get up to shenanigans in their home of Ayo City, all the while marveling at the city’s champion, Pizzow. The book is incredibly fun and charming and perfect for the young adult superhero fan in your life—or anyone who loves tales of imagination and heroics.



In addition to getting your hands on a copy of Go Beezerk!, the Kickstarter promises backer rewards such as a hardcover version of the book, exclusive prints and bookplates, enamel pins, and gorgeous triptychs featuring characters from the comic, just to name a few.

The Kickstarter just launched so you still have plenty of time to get in on the bombastic Beezerk fun! Click on the official campaign page for all the details!