By now, you’ve probably heard that ABC’s TGIF headliner series Full House is getting a face-lift. Sometime next year, Netflix will stream the series Fuller House, which will follow the continuing tales of the Tanner family. While most of the show’s original cast—including Bob Saget, John Stamos, Candace Cameron-Bure, and Jodie Sweetin—are on board for the new series, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who portrayed cuteling Michelle Tanner, have decided not to be involved. However, Sweetin has gone on record that Michelle will definitely have a presence on Fuller House. And now we have an inkling of what that presence might entail.

Warning: Stop reading now if you want to avoid SPOILERS.

Thanks to information from Danny Tanner himself, Bob Saget, we now know that the central adversary in this new season of Fuller House will be none other than youngest Tanner daughter Michelle. Adopting the moniker “The Yellow Queen,” Michelle, family dog Comet at her side, will be connected in some way to an odd string of murders throughout San Francisco, where the show takes place.

While Saget was cagey about giving away the complete details behind the overarching narrative arc for the season of Fuller House, he did reveal that the tentative title of the first three-episode story would be “The Bay Never Forgets,” presumably a reference to San Francisco.

“Since the final season of Full House,” Saget explains, “familial bonds between the Tanners and Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey and Michelle have become strained.” Apparently, an argument about the family’s disapproval of Michelle dabbling in vodoun, or voodoo, leads the former precocious child to cut ties completely with her former extended family.

Although Saget was reluctant to reveal much about the series’ plot, the rumor across the Internet is that the first story will involve Uncle Joey being arrested in connection with the murder of a producer of his former children’s series “Ranger Joe,” the ears of his woodchuck puppet from the show left at the crime scene.

Saget goes on to tease that audiences should expect to see a very different Uncle Jesse in the new series. Gone is his obsession with his hair; rather, when interviewed by the police about Joey’s state of mind, we’ll get to glimpse a Jesse who has let the weight of the world press him toward the cruel Earth.

“He has scraggly hair and an unkempt beard,” Saget says. “And when talking to the police, he rambles on about the nature of the universe and recursiveness of time.”

“Jesse’s former band, the Rippers, will also be make cameos as a few of Michelle’s victims,” Saget adds.

As for Michelle herself, while the Olsen twins have declined to appear in the series, they have given their blessing to the show’s producers to use their likeness to create a slovenly CGI version of an adult Michelle. Howie Mandel is expected to play the voice of the daughter who has lost her way.

Whatever happened to predictability, indeed. Fuller House is set to premiere sometime in 2016.

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