It’s always sunny in beautiful San Andreas. And it’s about to get even brighter. Well, except for the hail of bullets and shrapnel due to a heist gone wrong.

So Rockstar finally announced the launch date for the next-gen ports for GTA V. Those who have patiently waited for the ports will be well rewarded come this November 18. PC enthusiasts will have to wait a bit later, unfortunately, with a their version coming January 27, 2015.

Players who upgrade will be treated to a bunch of enhancements which include:

-New weapons, vehicles and activities
-Additional wildlife
-Denser traffic
-New foliage system
-Enhanced damage and weather effects, and much more

Most of these are cosmetic in nature but should provide a smoother and more fluid experience than on the occasionally stuttering old hardware. Of course, new weapons will up the ante for those zany bank robberies and general mayhem that permeates GTA V. Still, I’m actully kind of excited to check this out with a huge boost to the graphics. If you’ve done some PC modding of GTA IV then you already know about the insane level of detail you can achieve with the proper hardware.

Additionally, if you already have the previous versions, you should be delighted to know that you can transfer you character progress for Grand Theft Auto Online. You’ll also be eligible for some pre-ordering bonuses in the form of cold, hard, digital cash to give newcomers a boost. Furthermore, Rockstar is pumping in a bunch of new vehicles from the series like the Dukes and Dodo Seaplanes!

Admittedly, I feel like the franchise at large feels a bit bloated and in need of some fresh ideas. However, GTA V is a very polished title and offers hours of fun and always looks amazing doing it.