It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Alterna Comics’ Cyko KO series, which combines the crazy town banana pants of Adult Swim series with the heart of the old Hanna-Barbera cartoons. (If you haven’t read the comic, go check it out. Now. Post haste. We’ll wait.) And now, a new Indiegogo campaign from Cyko KO creator Robert Feldman just launched to make the first Cyko KO action figure a reality! Check out the prototype below!

Sweet mercy, that’s a good looking figure! You can get all the details about the campaign to make the figure a reality here! There are all sorts of fantabulous rewards for backers you’ll want to feast your eyes on, too!

And be sure to check out the comic while you’re at it!

From the official press release:

Ripped from the pages of the Ringo Award-nominated comic through Alterna Comics comes Cyko KO in this Saturday morning cartoon-inspired exclusive vinyl action figure! Help bring Cyko KO from SuperEarth to your hands as a 6-point articulated 6″ vinyl figure (arms, legs, neck and knees move)!