Apparently, someone out there decided that Homefront was good enough to warrant a sequel. While I didn’t absolutely despise the game, it just kind of existed among other similar shooters. At any rate, the Red State dream scenario of rescuing ‘Merica™ from an evil commie invader is coming our way.

Yarp, Homefront 2: The Revolution (because of course) is set in an occupied US and it’ll be up to you and a plucky bunch of freedom fighters to reclaim the nation Red Dawn style, baby! Since the game takes place in Philadelphia, I can virtually guarantee that one of the ‘cheevo’s will be called “Freedom Rings” and it’ll be earned by stealing back the Liberty Bell.

The deal this go around is that it’ll be more of an open environment rather than a linear shooter. The release describes a “sprawling open-world city” in which you can rescue and recruit new fighters. Un-scripted events will occur randomly and you’ll have to use your wits to set up ambushes and employ guerrilla tactics to overcome the villains. It sounds promising and if Crytek can create a living world Homefront 2 may turn some heads.

While we can take the gameplay-free action in the trailer above with a grain of salt, one thing that could be interesting is how the story could paint you in two different lights. One man’s freedom fighter is a another man’s terrorist and Crytek has a real opportunity for a thoughtful narrative. I don’t need my FPSes preaching at me constantly but I would like to see both of sides of the war. Something in my gut tells me this won’t be the case but the tone of the trailer and the emphasis of becoming a guerrilla fighter has me hoping this will be more than an explosion wank-fest for your freedom boner.

Homefont 2: The Revolution is aiming for a 2015 release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.