Holy shit! We’re getting more DLC for Saints Row IV? Yes, and thank you!

For those that haven’t played the last adventure with our favorite street thugs turned humanity’s final saviors just know that you’re personally dead to me. Fortunately, Volition and Deep Silver have granted you redemption with a re-release called Saints Row IV: Re-Elected. Furthermore, we getting some stand alone content featuring series all-around badass, Johnny Gat.

The baseline, as with the last two Saints games, is appropriately dumb and amazing. Basically, the big bad from Hell has taken interest in the Saints’ boss. Satan wants to rule the world by forcing him into unholy matrimony with his daughter. Of course you didn’t expect the Saints to abide as Gat and Kinzie craft a plan to break into Hell, rescue the boss, and shoot the Devil in the face.

You’ll be able to play as Gat or Kinzie in co-op and give it Satan as you stomp Hell into a burning hole. Fans will note that this is the first time that either character has been playable. From the trailer above, it looks like Volition isn’t holding back. I’m thrilled to see that it looks like we’ll be getting an upgraded fighting system that probably rips a thing or two from Kratos’ repatroir.

The Saints Row franchise has had a lot of twists over the years. Originally a GTA wannabe, the devs turned the series from heading to obscurity by embracing the absurd. Jumping into Hell and beating up demons fits the overall narrative that anything is game as long as it’s fun. What makes these games so much fun is that they seem to spit in the face of conventions and just do their own thing. Volition is taking you on a joyride and they want to show you all the cool things along the way. I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next- maybe we’ll get that Saints Row X Red Faction game I’ve always wanted?!

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected and Gat out of Hell are coming your way in January.