Back in July, Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles announced that it would be releasing its very own 1/6th scale Marty McFly action figure, based on the character from the Back to the Future trilogy. Like most of you, my first question upon seeing li’l Marty McFly was “How is toy Marty going to go back in time and narrowly avoid sleeping with his mom without a toy DeLorean time machine?” Hot Toys and Sideshow must have heard my concerns, as it has announced that it will be producing a DeLorean Time Machine collectible for Marty to engage in his history-spanning hijinks.

The miniature invention of Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Brown is, of course, gorgeous and insanely detailed, as we’ve come to expect from Hot Toys. From the OUTATIME license plate to the time navigation dashboard, the love that was taken to recreate this iconic film vehicle is immediately evident. The time machine also includes other details such as the flux capacitor (otherwise Marty’s time travel wouldn’t be possible); the alarm clock that alerts Marty to speed toward the clock tower to return to 1985; and the circuits that run along the frame of the modified DeLorean.

Hopefully you won’t have to steal a sports almanac from the future to bet on past sporting events in order to afford this spiffy beauty. However, should you happen to get your hands on such an almanac, I know how to keep a secret. Just saying. Call me. In the meantime, keep an eye out at Hot Toys’ official website for updates on the DeLorean’s release.