Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is pretty high on my must play list. And it should be on yours as well. The first game was a brilliantly brutal title highlighted in a late 80’s neon-afterglow. Essentially, it was a top-down beat-em-up that made you think about every move as if it were your last. Often times, it would be as any fuck up was a one way trip to retry hell. Its frantic pacing, frenetic gameplay, absolutely amazing soundtrack, and throwback graphics instantly made it a must-have.

The follow up looks to be more of the same intense action. Additionally, Dennaton Games is including a bonafide level editor for those of you aspiring game creators. As the missions are composed of a few simple elements and graphical dressings, it looks as if the toolsets for the level creator will be robust. It almost looks like a drawing in MS Paint which speaks of the ease of use. I’m hoping to get tons of devilishly punishing user created missions to test my breaking limit.