Leeanne Krecic’s wildly popular webcomic Let’s Play has entertained readers for years, following the life of gamer and game developer Sam as she balances work and love. The comic has launched multiple successful Kickstarter campaigns to bring the webcomic to print and into the hands of its fans. Recently, Krecic launched a Kickstarter to bring the world of Let’s Play to a single-player game, marrying the worlds of the comic and its gaming subject matter. In EVERDATE, players can navigate the world of the webcomic, go on dates with different characters from the world, and see Let’s Play in ways never before available.

Leeanne Krecic was spoke with us recently about the conceit of EVERDATE, the process of creating this game set in the Let’s Play universe, what Kickstarter backers can expect from EVERDATE, and the campaign rewards and add-ons.

FreakSugar: EVERDATE stars characters from the Let’s Play universe. Before we get into EVERDATE, what can you tell readers about Let’s Play in case they’re new that world?

Leanne Krecic: Let’s Play is a romantic comedy that follows Sam, a young woman who navigates life and love through the lens of gaming mechanics. With meta-humor that frequently shatters the fourth wall, the story takes readers on a journey through the lives of several geeky adults as they work to level up in their lives. Sam’s experiences show us how video games can teach important lessons about relationships, communication, and personal growth. Whether you’re a gamer or not, Let’s Play is a heartwarming and hilarious story about finding your way in the world and the power of friendship, love, and grinding for XP.

FS: Considering that Let’s Play involves gaming culture, creating a game based on the comic seems like a perfect fit. What was the genesis of EVERDATE? What made you want to create a game like this?

LK: I have wanted to create a game for Let’s Play for years and always knew I would pursue a visual novel style for the project. But given that dating doesn’t always go as planned, I also wanted the actual date process to involve more than just clicking dialog buttons. That’s where the CCG mechanic comes into EVERDATE.

Everdate - Let's Play: The Dating Game by Mongie Studios — Kickstarter


FS: What can you tell us about the game itself? What is game play like?

LK: In EVERDATE, you interact with the different characters, learning about their personalities and likes and dislikes via visual novel mechanics. Once chemistry has started to form, you can go on dates with your partner. Dating consists of building and catering your deck to your partner’s needs and the locations you will be visiting on your date. During the date, the location will throw various topics and events at you and your partner, and together, you will work towards meeting the date’s different objectives. But it’s essential that you do your research. If you didn’t build your date deck or plan the date right, you might accidentally commit a faux pas in your partner’s eyes.

FS: What can you tell us about the development process of adapting the comic for a game?

LK: It’s certainly a lot of work. There are a lot of assets to draw. But despite the workload, the whole process has been a great deal of fun. It’s turning all of my creative wheels in the best way possible.

FS: I’m excited that I will be able to share more information about supporting characters through this project, and readers and players will be able to connect with the characters in even more ways.

LK: I hope EVERDATE will help grow the romantic comics and gaming industry. But also tickle the delight of those fans of CCG’ers. I started playing CCG games in the mid-90s and remember opening my first booster pack for Magic: The Gathering and seeing a Shivan Dragon. I’ve been chasing that high ever since.

FS: On to the Kickstarter itself, the campaign has already reached its initial goal. Congratulations! What can you tell us about the goals and add-ons available?

LK: We have several add-on DLCs available! Here are a few:

More of a homebody? “Netfix & Chill” is a DLC that allows you to turn your character’s home into a dating location. Just make sure it’s clean!

The DLC “Attracting Attractions” adds eight tourist attraction locations like a Museum, Zoo, Amusement Park, Concert, and Pier. Each additional DLC location adds more unique objectives and events to each locale.

You can play the story of Samantha and Samuel Young in “Jamming Into My Heart.” Or play in a high fantasy world in “RP Into My Heart,” which includes the crew of Sam’s guild in the World of Warquest MMO.

FS: Do you have ideas for further games down the road?

LK: Always! We’re looking at making EVERDATE into a board game and possibly creating Sam’s game “Ruminate,” an RPG puzzle game and spiritual successor to the popular game “King’s Quest.”

FS: What would be your final pitch to anyone considering contributing to the Kickstarter?

LK: When asked why I like to do Kickstarter campaigns for my projects, I love allowing fans to get exclusive content and first looks. I enjoy that in the projects I back on Kickstarter, and I want to give fans the opportunity to experience that as well. So, if dating simulators, visual novels, and CCGs are something you enjoy, then give EVERDATE’s campaign a look. You might find your new favorite thing!

As of press time, the Kickstarter for EVERDATE has already more than TRIPLED its goal with 17 more days to go! Check it out and review all the rewards the campaign has to offer!