Writer Sina Grace has been delving into the life of the Metropolis Marvel quite a bit of late. Back in Novemebr 2022, Grace contributed a story to Superman: Kal-El Returns Special #1, focusing on Kal-El reuniting with his friend Jimmy Olsen when Superman returned to Earth after a stretch away from his adopted home. (Check out our interview with Mr. Grace here for more.)

And Grace’s time with Clark Kent continues in October when the Superman: The Harvests of Youth original graphic novel debuts. According to the book’s official description, Harvests will focus on Clark Kent’s early years in high school, centering on how he and his friends cope with the death of a classmate. In a recent interview we had with Grace, he had this to say about the story:

I think the only thing I can share about Harvests of Youth right now is that it ended up being the perfect project I have always wanted to tell. A fashionable group of teenagers relying on each other in the face of adversity? Check. Complicated modern problems explored with a hopeful lens? Check. Dope fight scenes? Check check check.

Mr. Grace did such an amazing job in his understanding of the Man of Steel in his story in Superman: Kal-El Returns Special #1, so consider us excited about this book.

Superman: The Harvests of Youth goes on sale October 3rd, 2023.

From the official book description:

A grounded and heartbreakingly human story about the legendary Superman as a teenager finding his place in a world filled with death and hate, without losing sight of his greatest power…hope.

Despite being a superpowered teenager, high school has been pretty normal for Clark Kent; but his idyllic life is wrenched away when the death of a classmate rocks all of Smallville. As he and his friends grieve, the challenges they face become darker, more complex, and deeply insidious. Clark feels completely out of his depth when Smallville’s latest threat proves that it takes more than fists and laser beams to save the day. For the first time in his life, Clark must grapple with life’s biggest questions, and confront his own mortality (or lack thereof) in order to become the hero his beloved town needs.