In the past couple days, Marvel has teased two new X-Men series spinning out of its “ResurrXion” event, a solo Iceman ongoing series and a brand-new Weapon X book. So maybe the rumor that Marvel was marginalizing the X-Men–to which they don’t own the movie rights–to bring the Inhumans more into the fore was premature? Maybe? Regardless, just this morning, the House of Ideas dropped news that Jean Grey, the X-Men’s resident telepath and telekinetic who’s prone to possession by cosmic forces, will be starring in her first standalone series next year.

As with the covers for Iceman and Weapon X, the images on display for Jean Grey #1 all harken back to the starring character’s past and various incarnations over the years, from a nod to her early days as a student to her possession of the Phoenix Force to her battle with the villain Onslaught. Which esrtwhile Marvel Girl will helm the series is unknown at this point. However, as Marvel has had over a decade to bring back the adult version of Jean from eternal rest, good money is on the time-displaced younger Jean Grey, currently starring in Extraordinary X-Men, to be the series’ star.

Jean Grey #1 hits newstands next spring.

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