I know you read this article’s title and were like,”Holy shit! NBA Batman sounds like the greatest basketball/comics crossover of all time!” Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s not quite what is being referenced. (Although, to be fair, that probably isn’t completely off the table when it comes to Warner Bros. marketing department.) Nope, NBA stands for New Batman Adventures, the second Bruce Timm & Paul Dini-helmed Batman cartoon to debut in the 1990s. DC Collectibles has released the NBA Batman as their first figure in the highly-anticipated Batman Animated line– and people have been salivating for it.

Mine broke. I’ve seen where other people’s have broken as well. Sucky quality control rules the day!– and I get a wee bit pissed in the video review.

Video shot, edited, and tenderly cared for by: Tyler Whitaker