This Wednesday, Cyborg #1, written by David Walker with Joe Prado and Ivan Reis on art, hits the newsstands, starring Victor Stone, the part-man, part-machine Justice League member known as Cyborg! Check out these exclusive preview pages that DC Comics was kind enough to share!


If you grew up reading Cyborg’s exploits in his appearances in the various Teen Titans comic book series or you just recently became acquainted with the tech-savvy superhero in DC’s New 52, then you really need to give this book a go. Walker’s writing makes the character instantly accessible for even the most passing of fans without bogging readers down with excessive exposition and heavy origin yarns. Weaving the action in with giving a nod of everything you need to know about Mr. Stone, Walker gets right down to brass tacks and hits the ground running with the story. As for Prado and Reis, both show why they’re more than adept at what they do, pouring on the technological roots of Cyborg and his world without losing his humanity in the process.

Anyone who wants a heavy does of technological intrigue combined with superhero derring-do should check this title out! Cyborg #1 will be in comic shops this Wednesday.