A few years back, Marvel Comics acquired the rights to Miracleman, which had been wrought with legal battles and question of ownership for decades. Fans have been waiting anxiously for the company to produce new remastered from tales of the superhero and his world and now that wait is over. This September, the publisher will debut Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham from writer Neil Gaiman (Sandman) and artist Mark Buckingham (Fables). Check out these exclusive preview pages Marvel was kind enough to share with us!

For those unfamiliar with the character, Miracleman (originally called Marvelman in his earlier stories) was created in 1954 and caught the gaze of writer Alan Moore in the 1980s, who used the do-gooder as a commentary on the superhero trope, deconstructing the character in a way seen in his own maxiseries Watchmen and in Frank Miller‘s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Following the aforementioned legal issues, Marvel eventually acquired the rights to publish Miracleman‘s adventures. With this focus on reprinting and remastering the hero’s older stories, fans are anticipating new content revolving around Miracleman’s world soon.

Check out the full press release below. Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham hits comic book shops on September 2nd.

On September 2nd, two comic icons bring you the series that changed comics forever. And at long last – it will finally be complete. A tale that began 25 years ago begins anew this September in MIRACLEMAN BY GAIMAN & BUCKINGHAM #1! Visionary comic legends Neil Gaiman (Sandman, 1602) and Mark Buckingham (Fables) bring you a new Age of Miracles and a story of epic proportions! Kicking off The Golden Age storyline, then continuing into the famously unfinished The Silver Age & The Dark Age story arcs, Gaiman & Buckingham’s lost Miracleman story will finally see the light of day!

Uttering a single, long-forgotten word, Michael Moran transformed from the ordinary into the extraordinary – and Miracleman was born! Years out of print and left unfinished, Marvel comics is pleased to bring these trailblazing and genre defining stories to an entire new generation of fans. Now is the chance to jump on board one of the most groundbreaking stories in comic history before these two industry legends bring you it’s cataclysmic conclusion a quarter century in the making!

Reuniting with series colorist D’Israeli and award-winning letterer Todd Klein to create the each issue of Gaiman & Buckingham’s run has been remastered directly from the original artwork. Each issue also features extensive additional content including scripts, original art, sketches, rare promotional pieces – and more! Look for this exciting jumping on point on September 2nd when MIRACLEMAN BY GAIMAN & BUCKINGHAM #1 makes it’s triumphant return to comic shops!

Get caught up before the September launch with Miracleman Book One: A Dream of Flying, Miracleman Book Two: The Red King Syndrome and Miracleman Book Three: Olympus – available digitally and wherever books are sold!


Written by NEIL GAIMAN
Variant Covers by JOE QUESADA (JUL150802) and SIMONE BIANCHI (JUL150803)


FOC – 08/10/15, On-Sale – 09/02/15