The latest Japanese trailer for the Nintendo and Techmo Koei hack-n-slash team-up, Hyrule Warriors, features one ass-kicking princess. Zelda gets some shots in with her famous bow, knocking out hordes of Stalfos in her wake. She also employs a bit help from the wish-granting Triforce in some area of effect magic attacks.

Besides Princess Z, Midna and Impa are confirmed for the roster. In fact, earlier this week, Impa had some to time to shine with a brutal showcase of her mightiest attacks.

All in all, Hyrule Warriors is looking to be a pretty fun entry in the long-running press-X-win Warriors series. But despite my grievances with the franchise at large, I’m eagerly waiting to get my grubby hands on this game. Ironically, this will probably be the first Zelda title with decent combat as the main series is more of an adventure/dungeon puzzle game. This spin-off might even give the devs at Nintendo a few pointers to invigorate the upcoming Wii U Zelda with some better fighting mechanics.

Of course, we’ll have to wait a month for the US version as the Japanese get their chance to save Hyrule in August.