On Monday, the second trailer for Marvel Studios’ “Guardians of the Galaxy” was unleashed upon the masses of Facebook, bringing a little light to a normally blah workday thanks to a sneak peek of Groot’s solemn “I am Groot,” and Rocket Raccoon cynically agreeing to head into battle – and adjusting his junk through his tight-fitting spacesuit.

Hot on the heels of the trailer’s premiere, Sideshow Collectibles jumped in on the action by teasing this image on their Twitter feed:

Rocket Silhouette

Now, the teaser image at the provided link has been upgraded to this:

Rocket Preview

Yep, it looks like Sideshow is going to be releasing a Rocket Raccoon statue, yet another unbelievably awesome entry in their Premium Format series. This one being just a little furrier than the others.

No real information has been given other than the image, but if I know Sideshow, and I think I do (just not in the biblical sense), they’ll be dishing out the details and a plethora of photos very soon. In the past, “Premium Format” has meant cloth costume pieces and lights, and I hope Rocket continues that trend.

Below is the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer that was revealed exclusively on the “Guardians of the Galaxy” Official Facebook Page:

Pretty friggin’ great, isn’t it?!