Stephen Colbert hasn’t helmed a television show since leaving Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report back in late December. However, we all knew that he would be taking over for Late Show host David Letterman, who left the CBS talk show he stewarded for 22 years in May. Colbert’s time following Letterman is fast approaching, with his first episode of Late Show with Stephen Colbert (that’s weird to type) airing on September 8th. Tonight during CBS’s broadcast of 60 Minutes, we got to see a glimpse of what to expect next month, as he riffs with former presidential candidate Mitt Romney in a new promo.

While I clearly will miss Dave, I have the utmost faith in Colbert, as he’s a skilled entertainer and comedian who is fully aware of the shoes he’ll be filling and the act he’ll be following. The real mountain to climb won’t be on his end, but on that of the audience, who might have to get over their preconceived notions of who Colbert is and what he can do as a late night host. Hopefully, they’ll see what many of us have known for years: that Colbert is much more than the mock conservative ideologue he pretended to be for nearly 10 years.

Late Show with Stephen Colbert hits CBS on September 8th. Check out two new addition promos CBS rolled out below!