Deadpool 2 has offered a whole host of high-hilarious marketing strategies to reach viewers, from a trailer featuring the Merc with a Mouth playing with action figures to a Good Housekeeping Thanksgiving issue to Wade dressing up as a perverted Bob Ross. So, naturally, the folks at Fox would follow this line of chucklelicious campaigning with downloadable coloring book pages.

That’s right: Over at Deadpool 2‘s Deadpool Core fan page, you can hook yourself with a coloring page of Deadpool doing slick moves on a scooter… naturally. The Deadpoolites at the page even invite you to submit your masterpiece directly to the site or via snail mail, care of “Deadpool.”

Be sure to break out your red and brown crayons and get started!

Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18th. You can see the coloring page the Deadpool Core page is offering below. Info about how to submit the page is on the Deadpool Core site.