The Good Place—the whip-smart, funny as Hell (pun intended) comedy from NBC—will premiere its fourth and final season Thursday, September 26th on NBC. While we hate to lose such an innovative, entertaining show that blends humor and questions on morality and ethics so seamlessly (I mean, holy forking shirtballs), we’re glad that the creative team is ending the series on its own terms and we can’t wait to see what the crew has in store for the grand finale.

And while we wait for the debut to get here in just a little under a month, the Peacock Network is hoping to hold us over with these heavenly character posters (via The Good Place‘s Instagram page) of Team Cockroach, including Eleanor, Michael, Chidi, Tahani, Jason, and Janet. Check them out below!

The Good Place season 4 premiere debuts Thursday, September 26th on NBC.