For months, viewers speculated whether Brian Williams, anchor of the NBC Nightly News and head of the network’s division, would be allowed back on the air. The newsman had been suspended by the top brass at NBC Universal following revelations that Williams exaggerated several news stories he reported on as anchor. After many weeks of wondering, we now know Williams’ fate.

Today, NBC News and MSNBC News Chairman Andrew Lack announced that Williams will now serve as MSNBC’s breaking news and special reports anchor, leaving a vacancy behind the Nightly News desk. Answering everyone’s next question, Lack revealed that The Daily Planet newspaper’s own reporter Clark Kent would be taking over for Williams.

“From what we’ve seen of Clark’s work, the man has a respect for the truth, whatever the consequences,” Lack explained. “With Clark, what you see if what you get. His track record of honesty and forthrightness with the public makes him the perfect choice to lead the NBC News division moving forward.”

While Kent has written about national and world events in the past, much of his reporting has been focused on local news in The Daily Planet’s headquarters of Metropolis. These stories usually have centered on the Kryptonian hero Superman and his clashes with the string of super-powered terrorists that have plagued Metropolis since the Man of Steel’s arrival. However, Lack feels that Kent has the gravitas and the acumen to deftly report on events that do not necessarily pertain to superhuman skirmishes.

“Clark is, first and foremost, a reporter,” Lack continued. “Prior to work with the Planet, he wrote stories about political unrest in nations across the globe. We feel his keen eye for being able to move beyond what we see on the surface is just what the Nightly News needs.”

Kent, for his part, seemed overjoyed at the news.

“I am stunned at the tremendous amount of faith Mr. Lack has put into me,” Kent gushed, addressing reporters at a news conference. “I don’t know if I agree with all of his kind words, but I will say that I hope to bring the same kind of honesty, integrity, and openness that a venerable institution like the NBC Nightly News deserves.”

After excusing himself, moments later Superman flew into the conference just as journalists were about to leave. The Man of Tomorrow took a few moments to put his full faith and confidence into Kent’s ability to perform his new duties.

“Did I just miss Clark? I hate that. Let me just say this,” Superman started. “I’ve known Clark for many years, and if there’s one thing I know about the man, it’s that he’s an open book. I’ve never known him to tell a single lie or deceive the public in any way, shape, or form. We should count ourselves lucky.”

The Metropolis Marvel then flew away as quickly as he left, but could be heard muttering something about “Lois” and “another damn ledge.”

Clark Kent will take over as anchor of the NBC Nightly News next month.