Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth entry in the Thor film series and the second to be directed by Taika Waititi, hit theaters this past summer on July 8th, following the continuing adventures of the God of Thunder, portrayed once again by Chris Hemsworth. In Love and Thunder, the Odinson has to grapple with a multitude of crises, both tangible and existential: from reevaluating his role in the universe to discovering his beloved hammer Mjolnir has found a new wielder in Thor’s former paramour Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). To add to his worries, the thunderer has to contest with actor Christian Bale‘s Gorr, who seeks to destroy any and all gods scattered across existence.

As is the trend of late, whenever a new Marvel Studios film hits theaters, there is instant speculation when it will hit the Disney+. Today, the House of Mouse announced when we can expect to see thunder and lightning crisscross the streaming service. You’ll get the chance to see Thor: Love and Thunder again (or for the first time!), along with his goats and the Guardians of the Galaxy and Russell Crowe as the Olympian god Zeus, when the film begins streaming on September 8th.