The character of Yelena Belova–the eponymous White Widow–is enjoying her well-deserved time in the sun. From appearing onscreen in Disney+‘s Hawkeye series and in the film Black Widow (and in the upcoming Thunderbolts film) to being a member in the Thunderbolts comic and starring in her own comic series, Yelena is popping up everywhere and with everyone. And in White Widow #2, out this Wednesday from Marvel Comics, she gets to hang with one of Marvel‘s A-listers–the X-Man Wolverine–while attempting to figure out what’s up with some her rogue mentees.

We’re only two issue in and the creative team Sarah GaileyAlessandro MiracoloMatt Milla, and Travis Lanham are already killing it and getting readers hooked with the tale of this multifaceted assassin. Check out these preview pages from Marvel, as well as a cover by David Marquez!


WHITE WIDOW #2 cover


WHITE WIDOW #2 page 1


WHITE WIDOW #2 page 2


WHITE WIDOW #2 page 3


WHITE WIDOW #2 page 4


White Widow #2 goes on sale Wednesday, December 13, from Marvel Comics

From the official issue description:

Just as Yelena Belova begins to settle into life in suburbia as a consultant for honest, hardworking assassins, change comes in the form of Armament – a company whose endeavors seem to infiltrate every aspect of life in the tiny town of Idyllhaven. But what exactly is Armament’s interest in Idyllhaven – and what does it have to do with Yelena’s rogue mentees?