Ubisoft had a strong E3 showing this year. The usual suspects are all in attendance but there’s a few that made me tilt my head and sigh, ‘huh, well that’s certainly something.’ Solid software and popular sequels was Ubi’s game this year (as it is most years) but there was a late show release that really got me pumped.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Finally, Ubisoft has gotten to the French Revolution for their next Assassin’s Creed game. I must admit that I’m more or less over the whole franchise and wish Ubi would give it a couple of years. Black Flag was great game that added more to the series rather than become a shinier sequel. The big thing this go around is the multiplayer aspect with missions flexible enough to support four sneaky assassins. If you can skate on the back of an aristocrat into a guillotine that might be enough to drag me back into the franchise. Check out some demo gameplay:

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

I’m marking this as my tear-jerker of the show. Really, there isn’t even another entry that could claim that title but the mix of bravery, resolve, and dogs during the first World War won’t leave a dry eye in the room. These are the kinds of narratives that make big manly men cry. That last scene in the trailer below is… I mean… I’ll just tell my friends that I have allergies.

The Division

Just a quick note to upper management-types for all these co-op and MP games – NO ONE ON EARTH WITH ANY DIGNITY TALKS LIKE THIS WHILE PLAYING GAMES, ESPECIALLY TEAM-BASED ONES! It never works this way. People just scream at each other when shit hits the fan or just mute everyone to suffer in silence. Stop pretending. Otherwise, I’m actually excited for The Division. Yes, it’s another cover-based TPS but it looks silky smooth and a semi open world should provide tons of variety and combat scenarios. Of course, Watchdogs looked great as well but I’m banking on Ubi to hold The Division to a pretty high standard.

Far Cry 4

Well, since everyone was infatuated with Far Cry 3‘s Vaas, Ubi needed to step up their game with another, even more chaotic villain. Here, we’re introduced to Pagan Min who is just perfectly hate-able. As an unabashedly massive fan of the franchise (FC2 in particular) I’m looking forward to liberating the beautiful and deadly Tibetan realm with an army of pissed of pachyderms!

Hey, bonus stage demo footage. Looks badass!

Shape Up

I’m dubious of any supposed video game workout program ever since the Wii Fit. I’m doubly suspicious when there’s a competitive angle to the regiment. It reminds of the cult like Crossfit which places how much you can do over well you perform each exercise. But I’m all about getting healthy and if Shape Up can get some you motivated to get stronger, then more power to it.

Rainbow Six Siege

Ubi’s show wrapped up with a massive reveal for the newest Rainbow Six. We get another “idealized” MP sesh that looks fuckin’ amazing. I hold this with an enormous grain of salt, but if Ubi can get the tone, pace, and feel of the demo below then I’m looking at probably my shooter of the year when it releases. Shooter fans than want a lot more than just bang respawn bang respawn should take note.