This past year has felt a bit like an episode of Black Mirror, hasn’t it? Heightened–or, at the very least, more publicized–xenophobia, racism, and a defiant willingness by many American citizens to castigate anything perceived as an “other,” prodded on by a United States president who seems to care more about the adulation of his base rather than the best interests of the country, has become the New Normal–when it’s anything but. It’s become exhausting, dispiriting, and heavy. Have we slipped into a dark timeline?

Let’s keep the Black Mirror tales on Netflix, we say. And the streaming service has heard our cries, as the company just dropped a minute trailer with a title list of the upcoming fourth season of our generation’s Twilight Zone.

Other than what appears to be a Star Trek homage (with one of Hollywood’s most criminally-underused actresses, Cristin Milioti), it’s a bit difficult to ascertain what the episodes will include, even knowing the episode titles interspersed in the footage:

  • “Crocodile”
  • “Arkangel”
  • “Hang the DJ”
  • “USS Callister”
  • “Metalhead”
  • “Black Museum”

Really, though, a minute of footage and episodes titles are all we really need right now. All that matters is that this is proof-positive that, yes, a new season of Black Mirror is coming. When? All we know is “soon,” but it’s coming.