The season three episode of Regular Show, “Eggscellent,” sees Moredecai attempting to win an egg eating competition at a local diner for his pal Rigby. And being Regular Show, things spin out of control with surreal results.

In the exclusive clip above from the Regular Show: The Complete Third Season DVD (out this week), series creator J.G. Quintel reveals the origin story for the Emmy-winning episode.

Reg Show Season 3 3D Box

Cartoon Network’s Emmy® Award-winning animated comedy series Regular Show is returning to DVD with the June 17 release of Regular Show: The Complete Third Season. Building on the success of the previous season one and two home entertainment release, the three-disc DVD set will include all 40 season three episodes starring Mordecai, Rigby and their collection of pals, along with a bodacious assortment of special features, which add up to more than SEVEN HOURS of content! Bonus features include “Characters Come to Life: Live Episode Read”, “Four Things You Didn’t Know about JG” and “JG Answers Why” featurettes, as well as 10 episode commentaries by series creator JG Quintel, writers and crew from the show.