Eternia: After electing Skeletor–frequent foe of Eternia’s champion He-Man–supreme warlord of the planet a year ago, voters who chose to “Make Eternia Great Again” are beginning to suspect that the skull-faced warlord may not be the leader the planet needs.

King Randor

During his campaign against King Randor, Skeletor made a number of promises that appealed to the darkest, basest instincts among Eternians citizenry. He blamed Eternia’s economic woes on people from neighboring world of Etheria coming in and taking away jobs from natural born citizens of Eternia. Moreover, he vowed to begin construction on an intergalactic barricade in the interdimensional plane between the planets to keep “Etherian riffraff” from entering Eternian space.

However, eleven months into his term and the barricade has barely begun construction. Instead, Skeletor has spent his time lauding his win over Randor in last year’s election, taking to social media to refer to his political opponent as a “flea-bitten fool” and a “snivelling coward.” His animosity toward Randor is unsurprising, as Skeletor spent the better part of Randor’s term in office to mock his citizenship, suggesting the king was not born in this dimension.


When Skeletor is not verbally chastising Randor on social media, he’s using his Twitter feed to defend against even the slightest of perceived offenses from his disgruntled constituents and peers. In the past few months, he’s taken to using childish insults, calling the heroes Fisto “deformed,” Moss Man “moldy,” and, Man-E-Faces “two-faced.”

With the amount of time he has devoted to attacking his political opponents, some of Skeletor’s supporters during his campaign are beginning to wonder if the supreme leader would ever make good on his chief promise to his voters.

“Don’t get me wrong,” said Ram Man, former hardline Randor voter who decided to give the former ruler of Snake Mountain a chance, “I still think Skeletor will MEGA, but I wish he’d begin work on that border, ” adding “We don’t need no Etherians or members of Hordak’s lot coming over here. Eternia first!”

When pressed as to what Supreme Warlord Skeletor had accomplished during his months in office to “Make Eternia Great Again,” Ram Man could only note, “The rest of the universe knows we’re strong! We’re not going in the gutter like we did with that snowflake Randor.”

He-Man could not be reached for comment.