The birthing pains are almost over! Finally, after being teased for such a long time Binding of Isaac Rebirth has a launch date! Oh, there’s also a new trailer to help announce Isaac’s new birthday. Watch it now!

Ha, ha, ha, ha, hehhuh… Well, now that we’ve witness that little bit of nightmarish insanity I guess we won’t be getting any sleep tonight. James Id has really topped himself since the original frightmaric teaser for Rebirth.

Anyway, the upgraded, not-sequel Binding of Isaac Rebirth is looking great. Moving away from a Flash environment and onto a much more stable engine, Rebirth will also beef up the scope of the game. Adding in local co-op, re-balanced items and skills, new enemies and bosses, and a complete graphical overall returning fans will have tons of beefy new content to play.

So mark November 4th on your calendars right now and don’t forgot you can preorder on Steam for a discount!