There was one game featured during Sony’s E3 showcase that had me grinning like damn fool. That game was No Man’s Sky and it has some mighty lofty goals. In the interview above with Hello Games founder, Sean Murray he talked about what sci-fi means to him and what to expect from this amazing, seemingly limitless game.

Murray talked about impressive level of detail for each planet and how they might develop within the game’s logic. “It’s not random. It’s not chaotic. But it is procedural. It’s possible to find something unique that will really surprise me that I didn’t know would exist.” The parameters of real science seem to be at the core of creation.

For instance, the presence of water will develop atmospheres, moisture, and weather patterns unique to that world. What kind of life you might find or even if the planet is hospitable. Even the distance to star and other heavenly bodies will affect how these planets will form. I can’t even begin to wrap my noggin around the algorithmic foundations of what is essentially a mathematical model for a galaxy.

So what kind of game is this – mechanically, I mean? Beyond simple exploration there is opportunity everywhere. More than that, Hello Games is working towards a very open-minded way of implementing gameplay.

“Something that we showed – or at least tried to show at E3 last night – was that this isn’t an ambient universe. This isn’t something you just wander around and look at trees and breathe it in. There is danger everywhere. So, the creatures are dangerous – the ecology. But more than that, in space there are friends – you know like the wingman who fly beside you. There are enemies who are attacking those freighters. In terms of gameplay systems, this is a universe and you make you’re own gameplay within that.”

He goes on to talk about how there won’t be quests or any type of traditional structure. There aren’t scripted features to push you along. It’s up to you to make your own story – your own fun. This is an interesting approach for gameplay as it allows way more freedom to do what you want.

Unfortunately, Hello Games is being sly with release dates. Apparently, it takes a bit of time to recreate an entire universe. Anyway, please watch the full interview as No Man’s Sky is one game that should be topping your list to play when it finally launches.