May I talk candidly for a hot sec? Cool? Thanks!

I really like the Call of Duty series. They aren’t all great, and the franchise has been perpetually chasing that second lightning strike since Modern Warfare, but generally I really enjoy my time with the shooters. Yeah… The bright lights and loud noises might not grab the attention of the refined gamer, but you’d be hard pressed to find a series that does big, loud, and dumb fun better than Duty. And that’s fine. Sometimes you just need a thrilling, explosive action game and Call of Duty scratches that itch beautifully.

Which is why the latest trailers and reveals have got me so amped up for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Have you seen it yet? Yes? Who cares, watch that shit again (in the embedded video above) right now!

Pretty awesome right? Check out the multiplayer.

So why am I so hyped about this Call of Duty? For one, it looks hot. Might seem shallow but Sledgehammer is taking some of that PS4 and Xbox One power and creating some fantastic visuals.

More importantly, however, are the new mechanics – most notably the movement options granted by the exo-skeleton power suit. Since the days of Aliens, who hasn’t dreamed about gearing up and kicking some ass in a powersuit. More recently Edge of Tomorrow has only fueled this desire. Of course, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare most likely won’t have any aliens to pound yet the sentiment remains.

And it’s not just a visual change, the exo-suit will grant you extra mobility for getting around and above your foes. Titanfall gave us a taste of this earlier this year. Duty has more or less played the same over the last 9, 10(?) games so adding a new layer to how you play can profoundly alter the game. Furthermore, this will be implemented into the online multiplayer giving some new life into the aging modes.

You can see how much quicker you’re super soldier will be compared to previous entries. Dashing and rocket-boosting around the map. I’m getting chills already about what new tactics and mechanics that will open up. I’m sure new killstreaks will only serve to boost the insanity during matches. Sledgehammer proved their worth by working on Modern Warfare 3‘s MP modes and I’m betting they’re more than ready to knock our socks off with Advanced Warfare.

I’m also very interested in the new weapons we’ll use. Too long have shooters relied on the standard armory of shotguns, pistols, and sniper rifles and it’s about time to change things up. Maybe even look back at classic games such as Quake or Unreal Tournament I spotted what looked like a directed energy laser rifle of some kind which made me giggle with delight. Look, I doubt we’re getting BFGs or quadrocketlaunchers but lasers are a great start and I’m hoping only laying the groundwork for kickass and fun sci-fi weaponry.

Finally, Advanced warfare stars Kevin Spacey as a shady, corporate figure as CEO or president of the global private military army and anything with Spacey has my seal of approval.