With Halloween just around the corner, you’re going to running up against the agonizing decision of what to dress up as for those office parties. Will you dress up as Princess Leia as Jabba’s prisoner or Michelle Pfiefer as Catwoman? But enough about my past costumes. Not only that, but what about your pets? How will you adorn your own Fido or Sprinkles to celebrate the holiday? (Just a note: Don’t put a costume on your goldfish. He will die 100% of the time. Not that I speak from experience or anything.) No clue? No sweat. We did a web roundup for you of 25 of the most impressive and most impressive pet cosplay the Internet had to offer that will maybe give you an idea of how to dress up your pet and earn his eternal ire.


Chewbacca 1

“We’re going lightspeed to Petsmart for cookies, right? Because otherwise, this is bullshit.” [Photo courtesy of: Girls with Controllers. Maybe.]


2 Thorgi

“I am Thorgi, Son of the All-Barker, and I will have my supper! …pretty please?” [Photo courtesy of: Fashionably Geek. Maybe.]


3 Spock

“It is highly illogical for you to dress me this way. The equal and opposite reaction will be for me to take a dump in your shoes.” [Photo courtesy of: Fashionably Geek. Maybe.]


4 Mario

“Dragons, you say? Flying turtles? I think I’ll be taking a nap in the sun instead. Pity about your princess, though.” [Photo courtesy of: Dorkly. Maybe.]

Princess Leia

5 Leia

“Aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper? Just feed me and get the meow out of here.” [Photo courtesy of: Nerdgasmo. Maybe.]

AT-AT Barker


“Great, we all know how this going to go down: I’m gonna tripped up with a leash by Luke Meow-walker. Thanks. Use the Force and tell me how you’re gonna pay for this.” [Photo courtesy of: Broadsheet. Maybe.]

Koopa Troopa

7 Koopa Troopa

“…Please don’t jump on me. I don’t have any 1-Ups to give you.” [Photo courtesy of: Planete Next Gen. Maybe.]

Green Lantern

8 Green Lantern

“Green Lanterns are supposed to have will power, right? Then why are you eating that peanut butter in front of me? Why? Just seems mean.” [Photo courtesy of: Bit Rebels. Maybe.]

The U.S.S. Drunken Disaster

9 Enterprise

Clearly the work of a drunken nerd. And Bud Light? Really? Couldn’t spring for a nice ale for the nacelles? [Photo courtesy of: Bit Rebels. Maybe.]

The Headless Dogman

10 Horseman

Of all the cosplay pets I’ve seen so far, this doggie seems genuinely happy to be dressed up. Or maybe he’s just ready to scare the shit out of Ichabod Kitty. [Photo courtesy of: Geek Chic. Maybe.]

Wonder Woman

11 Wonder Woman

So, would that be the golden leash of Truth? Would Wonder Woman’s real name be Diana Pup? Any of these dog puns doing anything for you? [Photo courtesy of: Made in China.]

The Mush with a Snout

12 Deadpool

Screw Ryan Reynolds: We need this cutie as Deadpool in his own feature film! Perfect! [Photo courtesy of: Pics & Photos. Maybe.]

Fluffy Kreuger 

13 Freddy

He’ll haunt your dreams… with cuddles! (Man, he. Looks. Pissed.) [Photo courtesy of: Uproxx. Maybe.]

Flying Monkeys

14 Flying Monkeys

Sad flying monkeys are sad. Dorothy killed their mommy. [Photo courtesy: of Uproxx. Maybe.]


15 Woman

Presented without comment. [Photo courtesy of: Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Cool. Maybe.]

Captain Ameri-pup

15 Captain America

“Feel my bite of justice! P.S. Cats are Nazis. Don’t trust them.” [Photo courtesy of: Toovia. Maybe.]


16 Link

“Where’s my effing Ocarina so I can warp my way into a butcher shop?” [Photo courtesy of: Fashionably Geek. Maybe.]

Pop Tart?

17 Pop Tart

Is this doggie supposed to be a magical pop tart? The mythical Nyan Cat? A pastry that farts rainbows? Who knows, but it was too good not to include. [Photo courtesy of: SodaHead. Maybe.]


18 Cerebus

This Cerberus costume is genius! It’s hard to believe that this puppy’s other two heads are dangerous when his real head is so regal. The Harry Potter is pretty cute, too. [Photo courtesy of: Puppy Toob. Maybe.]

Samuel L. Barkson

19 Sam Jackson

“I’m tired of all these motherfuckin’ cats in this motherfuckin’ house!” Also, *dead from the cute*. [Photo courtesy of: Puppy Toob. Maybe.]

Harry Puppy

20 Harry Potter

“Oh, the cat? You mean ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’?” [Photo courtesy of: Ego TV. Maybe.]

Nick Furry

21 Nick Fluffy

“Is Iron Meow high on catnip again?! Dammit!” [Photo courtesy of: Dorkly. Maybe.]


22 Triceradog

Two words: nightmare fuel. [Photo courtesy of ufunk. Maybe.]

Darth Vader

23 Darth Vader

You get the feeling from the look on his face that he would blow up a planet and have no regrets. [Photo courtesy of: Dorkly. Maybe.]

Han and Chewie

24 Han and Chewie

Here, if your day has been shitty, this is instant smile fuel. That puppy would never let Han get frozen in carbonite. No he wouldn’t! [Photo courtesy of: Pretty Fluffy. Maybe.]

Jack Sparrow

25 Captain Jack

I’m going to be that the only way they got that dog to sit still was rum. Lots of rum. [Photo courtesy of: Fashionably Geek. Maybe.]

Bonus: Otto: Basset of Thunder

Bonus Otto

This is my wife’s basset Otto. Is he happy in this pic? I’ll give you one guess. But he’s damn cute. [Photo courtesy of: my wife.]

LA Cosplay Con

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