Tons of things have transpired during the past week in the realm of the squared-circle, and almost all of it was top notch! And now, for the tenth time, Developmental Talent is here with the FreakSugar-exclusive professional wrestling podcast you’ve been sick of clamoring for!

This week’s episode covers a lot of ground with post-show analysis of NXT Takeover: R Evolution, WWE TLC(S), PWG: Black Cole Sun, and Monday Night RAW. It’s like a swift kick to the junk!

The segments this episode of Developmental Talent include:

-The Figure Five
-This Week in Wrestling History
-The NeXT Big Thing
-Keepin’ It RAW
-The TNA Minute
-Declaration of Independents

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Show Edited by: Tyler Whitaker
Segment Voiceovers: Courtney Brooke