Electronic Arts unfortunately had some of their thunder stolen with the leaked announcement for Battlefield: Hardline but that hasn’t stopped the mega-publisher from having a couple of surprises. Additionally, EA didn’t have a ton on the demo plate allowing a wider berth for development that hopefully prevents another Battlefield 4 fiasco. What we did get to see is leaner showcase that emphasized what to expect over the next year or two.

Star Wars Battlefront

Do the words above mean anything to you? They had better. One of the most beloved titles is finally getting a sequel sometime in the future. This is doubly awesome because Star Wars 7 Revenge of the Clones Rising Hope or whatever will be released soon. So, early in their presser EA shoots first with a brief snippet of Star Wars Battlefront interspersed with cubicle monkeys talking about the game. Again, no demo or even that much gameplay is available but sign me up for Speederbike chases through forests. Maybe Ewoks will be a playable faction?

Mirror’s Edge 2

One game I’m very much looking froward to is the new Mirror’s Edge. Again, no live demo on stage, rather we get an insider’s look at the art direction for Faith and her dystopian world that she fights against. A bit disappointing to not get to see any gameplay but I have a feeling that the DICE team will get the feeling of racing through a first person parkour playground once again.

Battlefield: Hardline

Of course there’s always the go-to franchises that we’ll always get from EA. One of those is Battlefield. Leaked not too long ago, Battlefield: Hardline takes a curious step from the militaristic vanguard with a more domestic approach of Cops’n’Robbers. From the stage demo below, it looks to be a ix of Battlefield‘s classic open-endedness with co-op heist sim, Payday. It’ll be interesting to see how far the narrative will go as the possibility of civilians at play would create an interesting dynamic.

Dragon Age Inquisition

The other big, big AAA title releasing later this year got some trailer love. Yep, Dragon Age Inquisition is looking gorgeous and sets a great tone for fans coming off the mixed reception of Dragon Age II. Hopefully, this will be the follow up that fans have been itching for.

The Sims 4

The stage walkthrough for Sims 4 was a little strange. I can’t put my finger on it exactly but the Sims have always creeped me out a little bit. Players that need that much control over a single digital life are… unnerving. Still, I guess the virtual torture simulator (don’t argue, it is) is more robust with emphasis on more personality for your little pet.

Finally, sports mainstays Madden 15 and FIFA 15 were also shown. I’m not sure how FIFA is handled but Madden will have some problems once 2025 rolls around as Madden 25 was released last year. EA, you’re making OCD people nuts with these titles! Additionally, Mass Effect 4 or possible Masser Effect was well hidden behind a dim dev office. The youtube video below hints at maybe two games – one that’s a sequel and one that might have a bit more to it. Some crazy people think there will be Mass Effect MMO and they’re completely nuts. Anyway, here’s hoping they can spin that ending into something that translates well in the next games.

And that’s pretty much it for EA’s show. Short ‘n’ sweet with some great sneaks at the future for the publisher.