The southern Gothic thriller Jessabelle is making its debut early next month, and we’ve got exclusive stills for the latest from horror director Kevin Greutert.

Jessabelle is another in the line of “traumatized girl is terrorized by a ghost” films like Carnival of Souls or The Haunting. This time around, it’s Sarah Snook’s (Sleeping Beauty, Not Suitable For Children) character Jessie who ends up on the wrong end of a tormented spirit who won’t let the poor girl go. 13 Sins actor Mark Webber co-stars.

It’s been a busy year for Kevin Greutert. The Saw IV and Saw 3D director (who also served as first AD on Richard Kelly’s Donnie Darko) also completed Visions for Paranormal Activity studio Blumhouse.

Jessabelle will be in theaters and On Demand November 7 from Lionsgate.