This Wednesday, Batman: Arkham Knight – Genesis #6, written by Peter J. Tomasi with Dexter Soy on art, hits newsstands, featuring a huge brouhaha between Jason Todd, the eponymous Arkham Knight, and the Dark Knight! Check out these exclusive preview pages of the miniseries’ final issue that DC Comics was kind enough to share!

Throughout the miniseries. Tomasi has proven why he was the perfect writer to tackle this story that so prominently featured the back-and-forth, tenuous relationship between surrogate father and son Bruce Wayne and Jason Todd. How this will culminate in issue 6 should be an intriguing read, especially given Tomasi’s track record with working with the Caped Crusader’s world. Soy’s art is on-point as usual, an industry pro who renders Batman’s universe with a innate knowledge of the atmosphere needed to bring Bruce and company alive on the page.

Batman: Arkham Knight – Genesis #6, written by Peter J. Tomasi with Dexter Soy on art, hits comic shops tomorrow!

From the official issue description:

As a deadly alliance between the Arkham Knight, Scarecrow, and the rogues of Gotham City is formed, the stage is set for the ultimate showdown between Jason Todd and his former mentor: Batman! Don’t miss the final issue of this explosive miniseries!