Since the launch of Books of Magic as part of the rebirth of the Sandman Universe, writer Kat Howard, artist Tom Fowler, inker Brian Churilla, and colorist Jordan Boyd have offered a look into Tim Hunter and his world that’s all at once captivating, mystifying, engaging, and–so importantly–occasionally downright chilling. That trend does not appear to be letting up in this week’s Books of Magic #9, as Ellie attempts to break free of the Bookbinder’s grip as a prisoner of the Cult of the Cold Flame. Will she and/or Tim be able to manage her escape? Get a peek at what’s to come in our exclusive preview DC Comics/Vertigo Comics was kind enough to share!


BOOKS OF MAGIC #9 page 1

BOOKS OF MAGIC #9 page 2

BOOKS OF MAGIC #9 page 3

BOOKS OF MAGIC #9 page 4

BOOKS OF MAGIC #9 page 5

Books of Magic #9 goes on sale this Wednesday, June 26th, from DC Comics/Vertigo Comics.

From the official issue description:

The Cult of the Cold Flame has trapped Ellie in a book. Will she be able to take control of the situation and change her sentence?