Since their reboot of the title, writer Robert Venditti and artist Bryan Hitch have been taking DC Comics’ Hawkman to new heights, delving into the heroic warrior’s past lives and how they inform his current life and the broader history of the DC Universe. And in our exclusive preview of Hawkman #11–on sale this Wednesday, April 10th–the whole creative team helps bring many of the plot points they’ve been laying to an epic battle for the ages. It’s Hawkman and his past lives versus the Deathbringers!

HAWKMAN #11 cover

HAWKMAN #11 variant cover

HAWKMAN #11 page 1

HAWKMAN #11 pages 2-3

HAWKMAN #11 page 4

HAWKMAN #11 page 5

From the official issue description:

The Deathbringers don’t know what hit them when all of Carter Hall’s past lives descend on the streets of London to defend the planet. With an army of hundreds at his back, Hawkman starts to turn the tide of battle. It’s a war for the fate of the universe as these two armies clash!