If there’s ever been a case that a case that a Rogue & Gambit ongoing series could work and work well, it’s been the current miniseries by the creative team of writer Kelly Thompson, artist Pere Perez, colorist Frank D’Armata, and letterer Joe Caramagna. (We’re pretty fond of it; check out our 10/10 review of issue #4 for more.) The whole crew has shown that there are a wealth of stories to explore with the duo in their own adventures separate and apart from the X-Men titles. And if you do revisit a Rogue & Gambit series, Marvel, try to get this team back together for it. No need to tinker with this level of success.

This week, the miniseries comes to a conclusion with issue #5, with the lovelorn mutants struggling to stop their doppelgangers while attempting to stymie the villainous Lavish’s plans. Check out these exclusive preview pages that Marvel was kind enough to share!

ROGUE & GAMBIT #5 cover

ROGUE & GAMBIT #5 page 1

ROGUE & GAMBIT #5 page 2

ROGUE & GAMBIT #5 page 3

ROGUE & GAMBIT #5 page 4

ROGUE & GAMBIT #5 page 5

ROGUE & GAMBIT #5 page 6

Rogue & Gambit #5 hits newsstands this Wednesday, May 2nd, from Marvel Comics.

From the official issue description:

It’s ROGUE and GAMBIT vs. LAVISH for all the marbles (nobody cares about marbles anymore, but it’s still a great saying, just go with it)! The stakes in Paraíso couldn’t be higher — the fates of innocent mutants, Rogue and Gambit, AND the hottest relationship in the Marvel Universe — all hang in the balance! Does being together make Rogue & Gambit unstoppable? Or does it doom their mission and everyone they’re trying to save? When the dust settles WHO and WHAT will be left standing?