He might have not gotten the respect he deserved during the medal ceremony at the end of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (and no, the shout-out during the MTV Movie Awards doesn’t rectify things, LucasFilm), but this October, the Millennium Falcon’s co-pilot and one of the Rebel Alliance’s fiercest warriors is getting his own miniseries from Marvel Comics! With Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening in December, Marvel (which, along with LucasFilm, is owned by Disney) has published or announced a gaggle of Star Wars-related comic series and miniseries: Star WarsDarth VaderPrincess LeiaC-3POLando, Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Shattered Empire, just to name a few. It only makes sense that Marvel would want to explore smuggler Han Solo’s best-good-buddy in his own adventure. Check out these preview pages of Chewbacca #1 that Marvel was kind enough to share!

The miniseries will follow the Kashyyyk warrior as he attempts to leave a planet occupied by the Empire after having crash-landed into the belly of the beast. Here are the full details Marvel has provided:

CHEWBACCA #1 (of 5) (AUG150855)

Art & Cover by PHIL NOTO

Variant Covers by ALEX ROSS (AUG150858), ARIEL OLIVETTI (AUG150857),

Ross Sketch Variant Also Available (AUG150859)

FOC – 09/21/15, On-Sale 10/14/15

You can check out Chewbacca #1 when it hits comic shops on October 14. In the meantime, check out Chewbacca dancing to Guns n’ Roses for some reason.

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