When Alligator Loki debuted in season one of Disney+‘s Loki, he became an instant fan-favorite. I mean, just look at that cutie:


Alligator Loki in Disney+’s LOKI season one


He became such a favorite that he starred in a phenomenally fun Infinity Comic series, filled with all the ne’er-do-well monkey (well, alligator) business you’d expect from him. Now he’s biting his way out of the Marvel Unlimited app and onto the printed page in Marvel Comics‘ Alligator Loki #1, debuting in September! From the creative team of Alyssa WongBob QuinnPete Pantazis, and Kat GregorowiczAlligator Loki #1 will reprint all of the Infinity Comics series, as well as give readers a brand-new tale featuring the horned-helmed God of Mischief. And judging from the issue’s cover, where any Loki pops up, trouble is sure to follow! And a new Alligator Loki tale? With which Norse god did we find favor?


What other shenanigans can we expect from the reptilian rapscallion? We’ll have to wait until September 13th to find out. For now, check out the full press release for more!

Alligator Loki will star in his very own comic book this September! After making his debut in Marvel Studios’ Loki on Disney+, the reptilian God of Mischief headlined his very own Infinity Comic series on the Marvel Unlimited app. Now, this iconic and adorable troublemaker will grace the stands of your local comic shop for the very first time in September! An extra-sized one-shot, ALLIGATOR LOKI #1 will collect the entirety of Alyssa Wong and Bob Quinn’s hit Infinity Comic series as well as an all-new adventure from the life of everyone’s favorite swamp-dwelling scamp!

Bow down to the reptile in a helm who has enraptured the Ten Realms…with his cuteness! First Alligator Loki chomped down on Mjolnir, and then he chomped his way into our hearts. Now, the beloved Alligator of Mischief finds – and makes – trouble all across the Marvel Universe!

“Alligator Loki’s been living in my head rent-free for the past year,” Wong said. “It’s been a ton of fun working with Bob Quinn, Pete Pantazis, and Kat Gregorowicz to bring him to life in the Infinity comic. I’m thrilled that this little guy’s shenanigans are coming to print!”