Everyone loves a good fright, something comic creators Garth Mattham and Kenan Halilovic know quite well. Their popular webcomic Witch Creek Road has provided thrills and chills for quite some time, leaving readers on the edge of their seats with tales featuring flesh-eating demons, undead killers, and creepy crawly bugs that make the skin tingle with fear. And now, through a Kickstarter with Rocketship Entertainment, Mattham and Halilovic are making Witch Creek Road available in print in a hefty and horrifying 400+ page omnibus!



According to the campaign page, the titillating tome will collect Witch Creek Road‘s first three storylines:

  • Witch Creek Road Volume 1 – A survival horror about love, acceptance, death and revenge. And sexy flesh-eating demons. Yeah, it has those, too.

  • Witch Creek Road Volume 2: Skinned – The story of two sisters who survive an encounter with an undead killer, only to find themselves descending into madness and murder.

  • Witch Creek Road Volume 3: Infested – A paranoia-fueled story about a group of friends trying to survive the horrors (and bugs) that infest their small town.


And what else is available in the collection?

  • 400+ pages of sequential art, not including covers and pinups; this is the definitive version of the first three arcs!

  • Pages not included in the Webtoon version.

  • All new art for the Infested storyline, from series artist, Kenan Halilović. (That’s right! This story got itself an upgrade from the version seen on Webtoon!)

  • Crafted with special techniques, the book has been proven to ward off Wolves! (Please note that the book does not protect against regular wolves).


As of this publication, the Kickstarter for the Witch Creek Road Omnibus  has reached its goal more than five times over, with all stretch goals unlocked and 28 days left in the campaign. Check out Garth Mattham and Kenan Halilovic’s deliciously scary volume of spooks and the sinisterly supernatural! For more, check out this link for all the deets on the book, as well as the stretch goals and add-ons available!

More on the Witch Creek Road Omnibus from the Kickstarter page:

Welcome to Witch Creek Road!

This story is years in the making. Literal years. It began when I was living in Japan. I’d find myself with the occasional weekend with nothing to do, and so I did the best thing I could think of: horror movie marathons coupled with cheap pizza. It was glorious. The joys of youth, I tell ya.

It was during these weekends of bad horror and cheap pizza that I began to create my own stories.

This particular story began its life as “Vampire Cheerleaders from Hell”, and it leaned pretty heavily into the cheesy horror that filled those occasional weekends. But slowly, as I navigated from draft to draft, the tone became more serious. And slowly it became what you see before you: “Witch Creek Road”.

Somewhere during this journey, I met Kenan – this was back in 2016 – and we began the long process of turning this story into a comic. And somewhere during this journey – back in 2018 – we became a Featured Comic over on Webtoon. At the time, I didn’t know what being Featured meant, or that such a thing even existed, so it was mostly dumb luck, and the support of our readers, that helped make this happen.

I can honestly say that, if it wasn’t for Webtoons, and for our readers, we would have never made it this far. So this comic – and, by extension, this Kickstarter – is the result of the amazing support people have shown us along the way. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for you all.

“Witch Creek Road” is my love letter to horror movies, and this collected edition is a love letter to the readers. Truly, thank you.



So, what am I getting for my pledge? All backers at the $24 tier will receive the softcover Witch Creek Road: Volume 1 graphic novel, printed at 6.625″x10.25″ – approximately 150 pages of content! As with all Rocketship books, we print on the highest quality paper with deluxe cover finishes that include French flaps on softcovers with anti-scratch matte finishes and spot UV, and 4C end page printing on hardcovers with additional foil stamping.

At the $99 tier, backers will receive the Witch Creek Road Omnibus, which comes with a deluxe hardcover slipcase and features over 400 pages of content!