We’re back, suckas. After a week hiatus thanks to some technical issues, Clint, Jed, and I are joined by Comics Editor Steve Ekstrom in a new episode of the FreakCast.

And of course, we start talking about Destiny. Now that Clint’s review is out in the wild, maybe we’ll stop talking about both it and Guardians of the Galaxy but this is an imperfect universe and there are no promises.

Also, Steve and I discuss the merits of comics writer/huckster/Scotsman Mark Millar, who gets wrapped up in a broader conversation of nihilism in art. Basically, I argue that modern pop culture has become cynical to the point of not givin’ a what what, and that might just be a little toxic for our culture.

Also, some deep thoughts on Tusk, the latest from Kevin Smith – it’s got Michael Park itching to turn Justin Long into a walrus, so that’s something. Plus, there’s a little comics chat, and yet another attempt to get Clint to read at least one new funnybook.

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