You know the drill here, folks. Humble Bundle is selling a bunch of games for seriously reduced prices with tiered bonuses for a few bucks more. Furthermore, you’ll get to help out some of the less fortunate as a portion of the proceeds goes to charity. Up for bat this go around is a bunch of great 2K games.

Some of these include the amazing XCOM: Enemy Uknown and its third person shooter sister, The Bureau, the Bioshock series, and Spec Ops: The Line. Enemy Unknown is worth its weight in gold alone so any extra just seems opulent. Spec Ops also stands out for being pretty damned great on the story side (even if it’s a fairly mediocre shooter).

Overall, there’s a lot offered here in this Humble Bundle that will give you tons of bang for your buck. And you can feel good for putting some of your money for a couple of good causes. This Bundle is supporting the American Red Cross and Action Against Hunger.

The Humble 2K Bundle starts today and will run for two weeks until Tuesday, July 22. There are a bunch of really fantastic games here that you should really check out and you’ll also feel good helping out for charity as well.