Season 2 of Sweet Tooth is now on Netflix, based on the comic by Jeff Lemire and focusing on survivors of a global pandemic called “The Sick.” The Sick affected people differently: some were immune and others succumbed the virus. Still others gave birth to children who were human/animal hybrids. Sweet Tooth follows one of these hybrid children, Gus, and his human friend Jepperd as the two seek out to find Gus’ mother. Along the way, the duo run into other humans and hybrids: some friends, other foes.

In a recent interview with series producer Evan Moore (check out the full interview here), Moore told FreakSugar what he thought the overarching themes of the season 2 are:

I think, first and foremost, hope is always a big one. Because that was the central, defining thing in season 1, beyond having a half human/half deer boy at the center of this post-apocalyptic world, hope will continue to be at the center of that. Found families is a huge one. Gus and Jepperd, hopefully they get back together. Jepperd and Amy, can they find their way together and create a new dynamic? There’s Amy’s hybrids in the kennels that Gus gets put into. The dynamic between Gus and Wendy. So I think it’s a lot of these families that we either choose or were born into and how they shape our lives moving forward, particularly in the world of Sweet Tooth. There’s a smaller population where you have to align and go along with people you may have not necessarily thought you would when you were born or growing up. So I think those are the big themes.

For the further adventures of Gus, Jepperd, Amy, Wendy, and the rest of the cast, check out the full second season of Sweet Tooth, now on Netflix. And be sure to check out the full interview with Evan Moore here.