We know that the status quo of the X-Men books is about to have a seismic change, starting with this year’s Hellfire Gala, which kicks off Wednesday, July 26th, and leading to the “Fall of X” event. The Krakoan Age that Marvel‘s mutants have experience dsince setting up a nation on the living island is about to be brought asunder. (The cracks that will lead to the fall have been showing for a bit. Check out our review of Immortal X-Men #13!)

Today at the San Diego Comic-Con during the House of Ideas‘s “Designing the X-Men” panel, a teaser image of what’s to come was dropped, only asking “Who are the New X-Men?” with lettering that is a callback to the “Age of Apocalypse” line of alternate X-Men books. (Wonder if that’s a hint?)

Speaking of Apocalypse, look who showed up on the cover of October’s Immortal X-Men #16? Coincidence? Maybe. Let the speculating begin.